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The CEO of Luna Beauty, Luna pours her heart and soul into the products she presents for the world to try. She is fearless and ambitious when it comes to her brand. Her ideas and creativity elevates her business and keeps her going. Every decision and ingredient is carefully made with the client in mind. She takes pride in helping and teaching women the arts of makeup and skincare, she also enjoys assisting queens to gain their confidence back and pulling out creativity they had all along. At just 28 years young she has already made such a  positive impact since her brand started. Luna beauty has had a successful run in the last two years of being in business and there is so much more to come! Luna Beauty isn't just a business, it's a movement!



Luna Beauty is a beauty brand that offers high-quality makeup products, along with makeup tools, skincare, and jewelry! We provide luxury products that enhance the beauty of every queen at affordable prices. The BEST fact about our beauty line is that it is 70% vegan based! We take pride in producing safe and healthy products for all our clients! Trust, Luna Beauty has all women covered in the best way! Women who are looking for basic looks or full glam looks should check out the website and subscribe for upcoming sales, beauty tips, updates, and giveaways! Consultation is also available for shade matching and beauty recommendations.

Choosing vegan-based products is a safer and better way to go when choosing makeup products. When it comes to face makeup like foundation, concealer, setting powder luna exceeds expectations since these products are meant to build the face up its best to choose chemical free products! With Lunas vegan products you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals that cause breakouts and clogged pores. All of our products are also cruelty free as well. 

Here at Luna Beauty, our mission is to assure that all the beauty products that we make/sell are high quality. But we don't just sell makeup! We are also here to consult and guide clients through their experience within the brand and what we have to offer. Every queen isn’t an expert in the makeup department when it comes to choosing the right products that meet their preferences and that’s where we come in. Our chat and email are always open and available for any questions regarding beauty advice or recommendations on my products. Before an order is placed, we can assure to provide an easy customer experience and find products that are best suitable for you to our best ability. So please do not hesitate to reach us if you need us. Assistance with how to use, apply, remove, beauty tips, and shade matching are available with one click away. We look forward to consulting with you all!

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